Contributors Needed

NO, this is not a big pitch for money. If you are related to a Botbyl or its variations or one of the other surnames in the genealogy file, PLEASE register. This will give you access to all of the information. Casual visitors are prohibited from access to information on living individuals (privacy protection). Information about those who register will not be shared with other individuals, web sites or companies. It is only for protecting the security of this web site. If something very important arises, I may email you a brief newsletter. Consider that this will be a rarity since it has taken me five years to update the web site.

Other areas of help needed:

Verify information that you have knowlege of: dates, places, etc. Please be aware that there may be discrepencies. Illiteracy, poor penmanship, name changes may be the cause of discrepencies.

New additional information should include your source. If the source is something that cannot be publicly accessed, a scan or photocopy would be appreciated.

Photos of all kinds, either hard copies or digital. 800x600 or 7"x5" will allow for proper sizing and cropping. Please include the name of the person(s), the year the photo was taken and Person ID (if possible) from the genealogy. Please do not overwhelm me with too many photos of the sames individual unless they are profile worthy.

Profiles of outstanding persons associated with the genealogy. The famous, authors, actors, musicians, scientists, educators and even politicians will be considered. The notorous should be included as long as it is factual and does is not hertful to living indivuals.

PDF Genealogy Form

Mailing address is: R. Botbyl, PO Box 454, Mackinaw City, MI 49701

Use the email link above to send me information and photos.