Recognization of those who have helped.

Shirley Weaver, Jack Boelens, Chris & Andy Botbijl, and Ed Botbijl, whose initial "Are we related?" e-mails inspired me to start this quest.

Becky Coburn - Her research was done pre-computer but was an invaluable starting point. She has also provided pictures of my Great-great grandfather and some of his children.

H.H. Berrevoets of Goes, Netherlands, whose extensive research has provided much of the older Netherlands information. Lately, he has been helping me correct my errors.

Trudy Wiltbank and her grandfather Klass Mostert. They graciously allowed me to add the decendants of Martijntie Botbijl (b. 1670). This added a lot of cousins without our common surname but still decendants of Cornelis.

James Botbyl and Donald Botbyl - The New Jersey Botbyls helping with the project. Shirley Weaver (I am still waiting for more).

Brenda and Marinus Botbyl for the Ontario, Canada genealogy. Lenie Nickel for the Andrew Botbyl information and photos.

Peter Bodbijl of Vlissingen, NL for tolerating all my emails. He studied history and learned web page creation because of our communications. He put up with my minimal Dutch and expanded his English skills. His Botbol Theory has historic basis even though is may be impossible to prove. See his page in the photo section and his theory in the Genealogy section.

Lois and Margaret Bodbyl for the Grand Rapids Bodbyl genealogy.

Andries Bodbijl, Rinus Bodbijl, Joost Bodbijl, David Botbijl, Marco Botbijl, Arie Botbijl and Jenny van Uden of the Netherlands.

Special thanks to Aad Bodbijl and Jan Bodbijl for the help, tolerating all my e-mail and your hospitality on my 1999 trip.

Nico Lucas, Henk Dubbelman and Wim van der Vliet are all cousins that have done a great deal of research in their family lines and contributed much to the female descendant lines of Cornelis Botbijl.

Luke Broersma for all of his Stap Friesland research with great notes and allowing this belated recognition.

My apologies to anyone that I have missed.